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Loans without Credit Check
10 Sep 2019

Are Loans without Credit Check a Reliable Solution for People with Poor Credit?

One of the most difficult things in your financial life can be to access a loan when have a bad credit ranking. This essentially means that your credit score is less than ideal or you simply do not have any credit rating. However, it is not impossible to get a loan even during such a condition and lenders who give loans without credit check can be the best solution. However, this is somewhat of a grey area as you might jeopardize your creditworthiness if you fail to exercise extreme caution. As such, if you have to take a loan with zero credit checks, you have to do so with a good understanding of what you are getting into.

Understanding Credit Checks

Credit scores are based on your financial details as compiled by financial institutions and they help to gauge your likeliness of repaying any loan you request for. The average credit scores range from 300 to 850. If your rating nears 300 it is considered as extremely poor and if it is closer to 850 it is considered to be ideal. All credit scores lower than 620 are bad and can limit your access to traditional loans.

Lenders do a search of your credit history whenever you make a loan application. Lenders take on a risk by lending you money and a credit check allows them to estimate your repayment potential. However, not all credit checks are similar. A lender may choose to do a soft or a hard credit check. Soft credit checks are mainly used to verify your identity as well as examining a general picture of your creditworthiness. Normally lenders use it to prequalify you for the loan verifying whether you meet the basic requirements and never impact your credit rating. Hard inquiries, on the other hand, are aimed at deeper and specific credit details and they negatively impact your credit rating.

Short Term Loans without Credit Check

Contrary to the general impression, no credit check loans are not offered without any form of credit inquiry. On the other hand, lenders perform soft inquiries to verify the personal details you provide and also get an outlook of your debt history. Since such loans never impact your credit rating, your creditworthiness remains the same and you can also be given the loan when you have bad credit.

You may, however, have to sign up your car, house or any other asset as collateral. Payday no credit check loan repayments are subtracted directly from your next paycheck if you fail to pay up. Other lenders have other means of estimating your potential to repay the loan other than checking your credit rating. Instalment lenders, for instance, can check your length of employment or use other non-traditional checks.

Are they a Great Idea?

Chances are, if you have not checked your credit rating recently or you fear checking it, you may have made some regrettable financial decisions. It is easy to slide into debt if you max out your credit cards, default on a loan, or do other things that increase your amount of debt. However, financial problems do not necessarily care about your creditworthiness and they can occur at any time. You will have to find money and when you are left without options these loans can bail you out of the situation.

How to exercise caution?

Lenders who offer loans without credit checks typically impose high-interest rates to give them maximum risk security. With the short repayment periods involved, you can find yourself taking newer loans to repay what you owe entrapping you in a vicious loan cycle. To avoid such compromises, ensure that:

  • You have a full understanding of how these loans work
  • You only borrow when you have an emergency and only borrow the amount you need
  • You check and agree with all the terms and conditions associated with the loan
  • You verify that the lender you want to borrow from is licensed
  • You review the lenders’ reputation to avoid those who look to trap you in a vicious loan cycle

Loans without credit checks may be the last option you have when you need money but are unable to access any loan due to a poor credit rating. It is a decision you should not rush to given the high-interest rates that these loans attract. Bonsai finance can help you to compare several lenders and make a more prudent decision when seeking a loan of this type. Using our extensive experience and the latest technology, we can help you find a loan option that best suits your situation. Contact us to also get proven tips on how to improve your creditworthiness.

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