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How to Explain Quick Loans Online
17 Jul 2018

How to Explain Quick Loans Online to Your Mum

Parents are generally not tech savvy. If your mum, or dad, needs to get their hands on a loan fast, they may want to consider quick loans online and here is how to explain the process in simple terms.

What Is A Quick Loan?

Parents may think that the only way to get a loan is to pop into the bank on the high street. There is a much easier and faster way, the quick loan. This type of loan process is undertaken online from the comfort of your armchair. Explaining this technology and the concept may not be the easiest task, but we can help you.

The first thing to explain to your mum or dad is that a fast loan may be approved within a day or two. There is usually no paperwork involved, or legwork for that matter, as everything is undertaken online.

Lenders offering fast loans will even offer loans to people whose credit rating is less than perfect. The amounts lenders generally offer with this type of loan varies, as does the repayment term. Typically, quick loans are smaller loans repaid over a shorter period than say a secured loan. Generally, loans of this nature start from about £100 and go up to around £5,000 but this may vary depending on the lenders we work with and your parent’s circumstances. Recently Help the Aged looked into how age affects attitudes to borrowing, which might be interesting to read. Rest assured we work with lenders who take all ages and circumstances into account.

Starting the Process of Finding Quick Loans Online

Here at Bonsai Finance, we have made the online loan application easier than ever. Tell your parent they can contact us to find them a suitable lender for their fast loan for their circumstances. Explain that we work with lenders offering many different types of loans, including quick loans, for different circumstances, which saves them having to go online and become bewildered by the search process they would otherwise have to undertake themselves if they knew how.

The lenders we work with specialise in quick loans online and the online process of applying is easy. It is possible to find a lender through us that offers affordable rates of interest on loans with no hidden fees, so your parent will know exactly how much the loan will cost them.

The process of finding a quick online loan is as easy as three steps. These include providing us with personal information such as your name, date of birth and address, how much you want to borrow, your bank account and debit card. Generally, it takes just minutes to find out if you have been approved for the loan. If all goes well money could be paid into the bank account the next day. It is as simple as that.

Our lenders are able to offer fast loans due to the fact that the paperwork is done away with, which means your parent will not have to wait for it to arrive through the post, for them to read, possibly confusing them even more, then sign and send back. The paperwork is done electronically online thanks to technology.

Quick Loans with no Credit

Your parent may not have the best credit rating for one reason or another and be afraid of applying for a loan and being turned down. While not all lenders will offer credit to people with a poor credit rating we specialise in working with lenders who take income into account more than what has happened in the past.

Talk to your parent and explain they may still be able to take out a small loan fast with our help and without them having to undergo a credit check. Explain that the loan can be repaid through their debit card if they set up a direct debit. This means they do not have to remember to pay the loan repayments as the repayment amount is automatically taken from their debit card.

Contact us at Bonsai Finance and help your parent go through the simple and easy process of applying for quick loans online with our help.