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Accessing Loans For People With Poor Credit
9 Sep 2019

Key Precautions To Take When Accessing Loans For People With Poor Credit

When your financial problems pin you down, you might feel like you are down on your luck. Learn how loans for people with poor credit can a quick and convenient solution.

Bad credit places you at a catch 22 situation whenever you have financial problems and have to seek money from lenders. As any financial advisor would tell you, a poor credit score is your undoing and this means that your priority should always be to raise your credit score. However, the reality is, you might find yourself with a low score and despite your efforts to consolidate all your debts, the process can take some time. Not unless you win the lottery of course.

You are also not shielded from problems even when you have a bad credit rating. From medical emergencies to car or house damages that require urgent repairs, there are numerous valid reasons that may necessitate a loan. Placing your property as collateral for the next loan may worsen your already compromising financial condition. “What options do I even have then?” You ask. Well, you could try any of the following:

  • Borrow from family or friends
  • Find a co-signer with higher credit score
  • Swift and unsecured personal loans

Borrowing from family or friends requires you to embarrassingly expose your financial condition to people who may have less sympathy for you at times. The option of getting a co-signer can be difficult because there are few people willing to shoulder your financial burden. Even if you do get one, the process of getting the essential documents and applying for the loan can take a long period. Time which you will be spending bearing through the problem at hand. This then leaves you with the third option.

What Exactly are Unsecured Loans for People with Poor Credit Score?

Put simply, they are personal loans you get from lenders who never take your credit rating as a hindrance. Most of such lenders are credit unions and other online lenders. Such modern lenders recognize the fact that even people with bad credit require emergency loans. You will never be asked for a guarantor or collateral when applying for these types of loans hence their unsecured moniker.

The one major characteristic of such loans is that their interest rates can be higher than the ones you are used to in the secured personal loans. This is because the lenders shoulder the heavy burden of risk when they lend you cash despite your poor credit rating. The advantages of these loans are:

  • Instant approval as the online application and approval process is quick as compared to loans from traditional brick and mortar banks
  • Easier to repay as they offer more flexible repayment terms
  • Given that you can get higher loan limits after you repay, you can use them as a ladder to rebuild your credit rating by reapplying and repaying on time
  • Some lenders customize their loans to have lower interest rates for people with bad credit given their tough financial situation.

Precautions to Take Before Applying

Since all lenders are different it is advisable to exercise caution when taking loans for people with poor credit. Some of the things you can do to ensure your safety include:

  • Avoid lenders who never check your credit history

This can be a sign for potential danger because such lenders might want to trap you in a vicious debt cycle.

  • Compare rates from different lenders

If you compare several lenders and their rates you can easily find one who is favourable to your situation.

  • Check the terms and conditions

Different lenders attach certain add-ons to their credit which could be a trap if you are in a rush to get the funds. Review the terms and conditions applicable and verify that they are indeed acceptable to you.

  • Only borrow the amount you need

Taking a huge loan more than the amount you require to sort out your problem can make you have problems during repayment. Failing to repay when you are already ranked poorly in terms of creditworthiness only leads to more problems.

  • Have a repayment plan at all times

This allows you to repay the loan seamlessly and avoid taking another loan to repay the existing one.

  • Check the lender’s reputation

The past borrowers experience with the lender is a great indicator of how you can expect them to treat you.

Improving your credit rating is the best thing you can do to your financial condition. However, you may find yourself in need of quick cash even when you have a poor credit rating. At Bonsai Finance, we link you with reliable lenders offering loans for people with poor credit. Contact us today to know how you can get a quick online loan today or any related financial advice.

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