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25 Jul 2018

What Lenders Don’t Want You To Know About Loans Bad Credit

Loans bad credit are there to offer fast, convenient access to money to those that other lenders won’t consider. Whether you have a poor credit history or no credit history at all, you might think that you also have no options but loans bad credit are here to show that this isn’t the case. Here, we’re going to take a look at the details and the nuances that other lenders don’t want you to know about loans bad credit.

They really are credit for all

Your credit rating, according to most lenders, represents how much of a “risk” it is to lend to you. The higher it is, the more that they have decided that you are reliable enough to lend to. As a result, many people with low credit scores due to a history with debt, missed bill payments, or even erroneous credit reports will be denied loans from many lenders.

It’s never a 100% certainty that you will be able to secure a loan, but with loans bad credit, the chances are much higher. Lenders still need to have an indication that you will be able to pay off the loan in future, such as proof of income.

A way to better credit

As a result, loans bad credit have become an effective tool for those who need to build their credit score. Your credit score increases as you prove that you are able to stick to the letter of a credit agreement, like a loan. But if you are unable to borrow from most lenders, it can be difficult to find a way to build it back up besides waiting several years for it to self-correct. Loans bad credit are one of the few options for you to start rebuilding your credit score.

If you have no credit history, at all, you might have just as hard a time acquiring loans from most lenders. Loans bad credit are one of the solutions to that issue, helping you begin your credit history which can ensure you get approved for more loans in future.

It is worth noting that some banks do not look favourably on loans bad credit and may be disinclined to provide a mortgage to those who have taken them in the past. This is true even if the loan was used once and paid off completely. It doesn’t apply to all banks and lenders, so it won’t exclude you entirely, but it may limit your options a little.

Options on how much you want to borrow

Traditional lenders, like banks, can be helpful for specific kinds of loans, such as mortgages and large personal loans. However, many of them will only lend larger loans, whereas you might need something smaller simply to pay off emergency bills or help you get through a rough week.

Loans bad credit tend to offer more variety. You can get quick access to somewhat larger amounts of money, though the interest on these loans can make repayments significantly higher. In general, they are used by many to get smaller loans that have more manageable repayment schemes, enough to help you deal with most emergency expenses without having to take on a large amount of unnecessary debt. Loans are not a one-size-fits-all solution. Some people need to borrow more money, others need to borrow less. Loans bad credit offer you the option of smaller loans that other lenders tend to offer.

Quickly available in an emergency

Borrowing from traditional lenders can take quite a lot of time. Banks and other more conservative lenders have particularly long application processes. While they can be useful for large loans that are being planned well ahead of time, this does not make them the most fitting solution when you are in a financial emergency and you need money quickly.

Loans bad credit are easy to apply for, with the approval often taking less than a day. Loans bad credit providers will not ask for guarantors, in most cases, nor will they ask for collateral that other mainstream lenders may ask for. This vastly streamlines the application process. What reputable loans bad credit providers want to know is how much you want to borrow, how much time you want to pay it off, and that you’re able to meet the necessary repayments. There are no extraneous details slowing the process down, which allows lenders to quickly process and approve the majority of loan applications.

Once you’re approved, the cash will be in your account in no time at all, sometimes even on the same day. For this reason, they have become a convenient tool for those who are coping with unexpected bills and repairs or are having a rough financial time that they simply need some help getting on the other side of.


When looking at any loan, consumers would be wise to take a look at the interest and the APR of the loans they plan on taking. The interest is a percentage increase on the loan that will be factored into the repayments and APR, also known as the annual percentage rate, is how much of the initial loan you will be paying back in full, including other charges like annual fees or loan arrangement fees.

In general, the rate of interest on a loan for those with bad credit does tend to be higher than other types of loan. It’s important for borrowers to get an idea of how much, exactly, they will have to pay back and to create a repayment plan in advance so that they know they will be able to pay back the loan in full as per their agreement with the lender.

The interest cap

Loans built for those with bad credit have become particularly popular as of late. While they have made borrowing much more accessible in general, some disreputable lenders have also taken advantage of the vulnerabilities of those in financial distress, including charging exorbitant interest rates.

As a result, the interest rates have been capped on short-term loans bad credit and several other rules and regulations have been put in place to ensure a fairer deal for those in need of them. As a result, some lenders encourage borrowers to borrow based on the value of their car. These loans, known as “logbook loans” do offer some advantages. However, in comparison to loans bad credit, they have few regulations in place, which can leave borrowers vulnerable if they don’t take the time to learn the finer details of the loan they’re applying for.

Flexible repayment durations

Many people want as short a repayment duration as possible. They want to use a loan, but quickly be out of debt. If you are able to make those higher repayments, then this might be one of the best solutions for you. However, if you want to be careful and ensure that you’re able to make every repayment without a hitch, you can reduce the amount you pay per month by opting for a longer repayment duration.

Loans bad credit tend to offer the option for longer repayment durations than most traditional lenders. This offers borrowers the flexibility they need to ensure they can make the repayments without too much stress. So long as you pay close attention to the agreed terms, the instalment size, and when you’re expected to pay them, you can use loans bad credit responsibly.

Hidden fees

Most of your fees are going to be included in the APR. However, some lenders will also seek to profit from borrowers by adding hidden fees that they don’t necessarily have to represent up-front. There are trustworthy lenders that will be upfront and transparent about everything in their loan agreements, and it is worth recommending you stick to those. However, as a matter of course, borrowers should ask about any potential fees in their agreements. Lenders may not have to tell you upfront what hidden fees there are, but they are obligated to answer honestly when you ask them directly.

The state of the market

Loans bad credit and similar loans have developed a bad reputation as some are concerned. There is a good reason for that: disreputable lenders that have been taking advantage with interest rates that are much higher than necessary and hidden fees profiting off of people’s financial insecurity.

The interest cap and new rules regarding such loans have helped correct the market a lot, but choosing trustworthy lenders is just important. We believe that transparency is crucial and that borrowers should know that advantages and disadvantages of any loan. That’s why we want to educate you about loans bad credit as thoroughly as possible, so you always know exactly what you’re getting and you can use them responsibly.

Everyone’s situation is different and we all need different tools to help us get our finances in order. Loans bad credit are just another tool that, when used responsibly, can be much more convenient and simple that the process other lenders offer. Hopefully, we’ve left you a little more educated on this particular type of loan.